Criminal Mastermind Alert, 4

So your probation's been revoked, and you know that armed sheriff's deputies will be looking for you. What do you do to avoid being found?

Maybe you go to an educational institution and claim you're being pursued by "people with guns." After all, educational institutions are gun-free zones, right? Even in Wyoming, right?

Central Wyoming College was placed on lockdown just before 11:00 a.m. Monday morning.

A 35-year-old man entered a classroom and told the professor that he was being chased by “people with guns.” The professor immediately called 911.


One CWC student described to County 10 being in a hallway and that, “police kept coming in with guns drawn. They instructed us to get into a classroom right away. There were probably a dozen officers, at least.”


After the threat was deemed not credible and the building was secured, police arrested the 35-year-old man who made the claim for a Probation Revocation Warrant.

Who could have seen that coming?

My first three posts in this series all came last November, and only two of those involved someone from Wyoming, so I don't think there's any danger that #WyomingMan is going to be trending any time soon.

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He's Baaaaack

Jeff Goldstein, that is.

Three years ago, somebody hacked his website and, apparently, deleted or otherwise corrupted his blog's database. He says it's mostly restored now, presumably from a saved backup, so we can hope maybe he'll resume blogging.

If so, people may see less of me in Instapundit's open threads.

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The Starbucks Candidacy

That Starbucks guy who's talking about running for president as an independent? Howard Schultz?

His aim is to draw votes away from Trump, to make up for the weaknesses of whomever the Democrats nominate.

His current rhetoric makes it clear he has no designs on the knee-jerk anti-Trump Democrat -- rather, he wants to appeal to Republicans like me who weren't staunchly in Trump's corner in 2016 and still don't care all that much for his personality or temperament. People who -- unlike me -- still feel that their self-appointed betters really are better than they, and that those betters' disapproval will therefore render Trump un-re-electable.

I know such voters are out there. I see them touting Schultz's alleged appeal to "the middle 60%" while pretending to ignore that he is no better on the top issue, border security, than Nancy Pelosi.

Howard Schultz is no centrist, and he has no intention of winning the presidency. At least, not for himself.

Let's get a few things straight here: if Donald Trump wants to be re-elected in 2020, he will receive the Republican nomination. Dreams of knocking him off during the primary campaign are. Just. Dreams. As for giving him the Perot treatment, dream on: Trump is a lot of things, but he's no George H.W. Bush.

And Howard Schultz is no giant-slayer.

Oh, God. Why am I talking about presidential politics in an odd-numbered year!?

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As Usual...

...I'll believe it when I see it.

In this case, "it" is a couple of hours of wintry weather tomorrow, turning from early morning rain to late morning snow.

I've had some pessimistic commentary about the prospect of snow here this winter, and there's always a chance that this forecast will be a bust -- but if not, I'll let you know.

In unrelated news, I've put the DuckDuckGo site-search box back on the site, now that it's being crawled by search-engine bots. The results aren't as good as they ought to be, but I just used it to find one of the posts linked in the paragraph above. Since I don't do single-entry pages, you'll still have to do Ctrl-F on the monthly archives to find the specific content you're looking for.

Update, next morning: The snow forecast was indeed a bust. Nary a flake to be seen.

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Yes, Cancel the SOTU Extravaganza Altogether

All that is ever accomplished by having 99% of the top leaders of federal government (except for randomly chosen Designated Survivors) gathered together in one place every January so that the President can give a speech, is that statecraft gives way yet again to stagecraft. Put a stop to it.

I half-suspect the late Tom Clancy would sympathize, after how he ended his novel Debt of Honor. And don't forget the little-watched Kiefer Sutherland TV series "Designated Survivor" (I was sure it had been canceled, but Wikipedia says otherwise). In times like these when no one in Washington seems to take national security seriously, the temptation of some terrorist to make a target of the Capitol when the President, Vice President, and most of the Supreme Court have joined more than 500 members of Congress in a single room there, can't be ignored.

Let President Trump have his staff write up a report, and let Trump accompany it with a letter detailing his plans for the coming year, policy-wise, and what legislation he expects from Congress to bring that about. That's all the Constitution requires.

Anything more is too reminiscent of the British monarch's Speech from the Throne at the opening of Parliament. We are a republic -- let's get back to acting like one.

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Scene from a Restaurant

Waitress: "How was your meal? Did you like it?"

Customer, all but licking the plate: "No, it was so horrible I had to eat it all to spare anyone else the disgusting experience."

Heeeeere's yer sign.

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My Football NFL Season Is Over

There is yet another spring football league on the horizon, debuting the weekend after yet another Super Bowl I won't care about. It's called the Alliance of American Football, and although there is an Atlanta team -- which will be featured by CBS on Saturday, February 9 -- I'm much more interested in the more westerly teams.

Then again, if it follows the trajectory of past spring football leagues, it will probably have folded before we move out west. So maybe I can be interested in the Atlanta team, if it's the one we're most likely to ever get to see.

It will at least provide a diversion in the period between the end of real football and the baseball season getting into full -- no, I'm not going to that pun today. Never mind.

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I'm Starting to Get the Impression...

...that we're not going to get any snow here this winter.

Of course, I wondered as much last month. Sometimes it sucks to be right.

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Well, Well, Well

A couple of weeks ago I blogged that our local sheriff has been confirmed for U.S. Marshal, ensuring at last that a special election would indeed be held to replace him as the county's law-enforcement honcho.

Personally, I'd just as soon skip the special election and wait for the regular sheriff election in 2020. Yeager's chief deputy, Lt. Col. Lenn Wood, will already serve as acting sheriff between Yeager's departure and the elected replacement taking office, why not just leave him in place for another year?

Today while running errands I saw campaign signs with Lt. Col. Wood's name on them. Maybe I've found the candidate I'd vote for.

Update, January 25: Yeager sets his step-down date as March 2.

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Are You Talking to Me? (New and Improved)

I stood in the booth voting against him in 2008 and again in 2012, Ron -- and against his preferred successor in 2016. Where did you stand?

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